Артикул: SKU: 100-455910

Толщина: от 3,6 до 4 мм (9 до 10 унций).
Средняя длина: от 122 -140 см (48 до 55 дюймов).
Ширина: 39 мм (1-1/2" по размеру пряжки).

Тисненая кожаная полоса South West Embossed. Красивый узор привлекает многих покупателей.

Какая экономия времени! 

Заготовки ремня имееет слот для пряжки. Без крепежных кнопок.

Просто добавьте пряжку, немного краски и отделки, и вы получите готовый ремень! 


    1-1/2" South West Embossed Belt Blank: Lengths range from 48" to 55". Now, it's easier than ever to get just what you're looking for! Your choice of embossed belt blanks with or without the snaps! These belt blanks have been skived at the buckle end and the slot and snap holes already punched for you! Or, if you prefer, you can order any of these embossed belt blanks with our premium gunmetal finished line 20 baby dot snaps already set! Talk about a time saver! Just add a buckle, some dye and finish and you've got yourself a finished belt! Popular patterns that appeal to a broad customer base, these are sure to be money makers for you! 
    Item # 100-455910